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Barbakam publishes carbonless lab notebooks. Our notebooks are used in high schools, colleges and universities. The primary feature of our lab notebook is the self-copying pages – the original record creates an instant copy on the page underneath while writing, without placing a carbon sheet in between the pages. Students tear out the copy page and hand it to the teacher while keeping the original record in their notebook. Teachers collect only the copy pages rather than the entire heavy notebook from each student. There is a wealth of scientific reference information on the covers of the notebooks.

How to Place an Order
If you are interested in placing an order, you can do it online through our online store or you can have your department or bookstore send us a purchase order. We offer 30 days delayed payment on all purchase orders. Barbakam offers ten types of carbonless lab notebooks which are used in chemistry, biology and physics classes. Our catalog provides detailed information and pictures of the notebooks.



What is a Carbonless Lab Notebook

A Carbonless Lab Notebook is a notebook with self-copying pages. There is no carbon sheet necessary between the pages to create a duplicate of your work. Creating a copy on the carbonless paper runs on the chemical reaction between two pages with coatings getting in contact to transfer an image when pressure is applied.The carbonless paper contains a compound coating on the back side of the original page and on the front side of the copy page. When you write, the pressure of your pen initiates a chemical reaction between the dye precursor in the top page and an acid source in the copy page. The impression transfers from one page to the next due to the flooding of tiny microcapsules from the chemical coating.

Sample Request Form
Please be advised we can send samples only to your school address (no P.O. Boxes). Due to the high cost of this promotion, we can offer one sample per school. The carbonless paper inside is identical in all of our notebooks. The difference is in binding, page quantity, perforation on the copy or original page and reference information on the back covers.

To request a sample notebook enter here

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